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Château Soutard

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

2018 Château Soutard
MAR 19 Ruby. Cassis, blueberries, some spices, floral notes, raspberries nose, layered. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, anise, liquorice and spices, detailed, intense, long. One lovely Soutard! 90-92

2017 Château Soutard
APR 18 Ruby. Blackberries, anise, blueberries, fruity nose, scented. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh, fruity, rounded, lovely balance, charming and playful Soutard. 89-91

2016 Château Soutard
MAY 19 Ruby. Dark fruity, spices, liquorice, detailed nose, slightly scented. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, dark fruity, anise, blueberries, liquorice finish, detailed and long. 93

2016 Château Soutard
APR 17 Ruby. Blueberries, scented, dark berries and anise nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, blackberries, spices, anise, long. A beautiful Soutard, maybe the best yet. 92-94

2015 Château Soutard
APR 16 Deep ruby. Rich, intense, juicy, dark berries nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, dark berries, spices, some figs, long. Seems to be some overripe grapes in here. 90-92

2014 Château Soutard
APR 19 Ruby. Fresh fruity, red berries and floral notes, lovely nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh, fruity and lively, some cherries and anise, good length. 87-89

2013 Château Soutard
JAN 14 Deep ruby. Rich, blackberries, figs and plums nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, rich, fruity, bit plump, good length.

2012 Château Soutard
APR 13 Deep ruby. Blueberries, vanilla and almost graphite minerality. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity and fresh, quite elegant. 88-90

2010 Château Soutard
MAY 19 Ruby. Dark fruits, toast, blueberries, spices nose, youthful. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, anise, dark fruity, spices, juicy palate, some red fruits and minerals, long. Enjoyed during Jurade dinner at Soutard. 91

2008 Château Soutard
NOV 12 Deep ruby. Rich blueberries nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, a bit rich palate, but never sweet.

2002 Château Soutard
MAY 11 Ruby, thin brick rim, maturing nose, cheese and blueberries. Fresh acidity, cherries, ripe tannins, starting to drink very well now. 88

2000 Château Soutard
JUN 11 Ruby, blueberries, elegant with sweet overtones. Good acidity, but feels lower, ripe tannins, ripe style, lacks finesse.

1986 Château Soutard
NOV 11 Ruby, garnet rim. Cooked plums, figs and prunes. Very mature, on the verge of being too old, but I also know this has not been stored optimal, it has been left standing in an office for at least a year. Still a decent wine. 80

1986 Château Soutard
MAY 09 Ruby, brick rim. Some dates, plums, minerals nose, iron. Fresh acidity, few tannins, red berries and anise, lighter body, leaner, starting to dry up. 86

1985 Château Soutard
FEB 19 Ruby, garnet rim. Anise, leather, spices, cedar, figs and dates, cassis, spices, some liquorice, deeper nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, cassis, anise, spices, blueberries, detailed, lovely balance, intense all the way, long finish. Served blind, by miles the best bottle I have had. 94

1985 Château Soutard
NOV 17 Ruby, brick rim. Earthy beneath figs, dates and mint nose. Bit shy. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, leaner body but alive, the best mature bottle from Soutard in quite some time. 88

1985 Château Soutard
JUN 15 Ruby, garnet rim. Flat and oxidative nose, flat palate.

1985 Château Soutard
DEC 14 Rubinrød, tegl kant. Rødfruktig, fiken, lær, sjokolade, snev av jern på duft. Frisk syre, modne tanniner, intens, fiken og dadler, kirsebærstein, noe tørrende finish. Drikk nå for meg, langt bedre enn forrige flaske som var nært død. 89

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