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Château Gilette

Preignac/ Sauternes

1996 Château Gilette Creme de Tête
SEP 15 Golden. Apricots, dried orange peel, raisins, dried apricots, quite intense, layered. Some light candied violets notes. Fresh acidity, fruity, intense, somewhat bitter, apricot stone, somewhat tight on the palate before it opens up like a firework on the aftertaste, very long. 97

1990 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
SEP 15 Golden. Apricots, some sultanas, some raisins, dried apricots, some pineapples, canned tropical fruits nose, layered and intense. Light thyme note and a touch floral. Fresh acidity, elegant, smooth, rounded texture, playful yet creamy, detailed, beautiful balance, stunning body and texture, very long. Give it an hour or more in decanter, it just keeps on adding and adding, liquorice finish and lemon notes now. Aftertaste lasts for minutes. Drink now-2100. 100

1989 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
MAR 13 Golden.  Apricots, orange peel and pineapples. Fresh acidity, elegant palate, a bit richer style for Gilette and vintage typical. Lovely balance and fruit, long. 93

1988 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
SEP 15 Golden with amber tints. Some nuts, lightly caramelized apples, some apricots, light touch of nuts, raisins and some dried fruits, detailed nose, intense. Fresh acidity, intense, layered, apricots and ripe apples, detailed palate, some raisins finish, somewhat bitter finish, long. 97

1985 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
DEC 15 Golden with orange rim. Almonds, pineapples, caramel, vanilla, intense, rich nose, raisins. Fresh acidity, ripe and fruity, intense, detailed, almonds, marzipan, lovely balance, long. 95

1985 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
FEB 13 (Demi) Absolutely gorgeous brilliant golden colour. Nose reminiscent of a 76 Rheingau Auslese with overripe yellow and green apples, yellow plums, touch of minerals and a slight petroleum feel to it. Fresh acidity that is incredibly balanced with the sweetness. You never notice it but the wine is never cloying either. Lovely balance, not that complex, but fine length. 91

1985 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
MAR 11 Golden, botrytis, pineapples, almost petroleum feel to it, flowers, jasmin, roses, Riesling feel to it. Good acidity, but not showing perfectly, feels like it needs time more than that it isn't there...... For now, 89

1983 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
MAY 12 Golden, apricots, peach and a somewhat oxidized style, for me typical of Gilette. Fresh acidity, quite elegant, more polished now than earlier bottles, still needs more time, a bit edgy finish. Feels fresher than Rieussec or Suduiraut of the same vintage.  Only about 5000 bottles are made of this in good vintages, stored in huge cement vats until release at often 20 years of age. 88
1982 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
MAY 15 Pale amber. More youthful and detailed nose than I remember from earlier bottles, detailed, fruity, intense, apricots and some caramel. Fresh acidity, fruity, lively, intense, lovely balance, long. 94

1982 Chateau Gilette Crème de Tête
MAR 09 Golden yellow, very youthful, some botrytis, honey, apricots, minerals and pineapple. Still quite closed it seems, great acidity, complex and very elegant, great balance, very long and great aftertaste.
Keep. 93

1982 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
JUN 09 Golden. Botrytis, fairly youthful, closed, apricots, honey, minerals and pineapples nose. Fresh acidity, fruity and complex, elegant, lovely aftertaste, long. 93

1981 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
SEP 15 Amber. Raisins, some sultanas, detailed nose, some wood notes towards cedar and cigar box, touch of creme brûlée, slight violets note. Fresh acidity, raisins, smooth attack, elegant, lively and playful, detailed, somewhat leaner fruit and texture, very elegant, long and smooth finish with a bitter finish, long. 96

1979 Château Gilette Crème de Tête
SEP 15 Amber. Some raisins, light apricots, some sultanas nose, detailed, touch smoky towards the notes of 1979 ABSLs Terrantez in fact, light nutty note, detailed and layered. Fresh acidity, ripe and fruity, dried fruits, fairly intense attack before a more delicate and detailed finish, pure, nuanced, long finish. 96

1954 Chateau Gilette, Bordeaux Superiore
JAN 10 Deep golden, greenish hue. Raisins, prunes, hint of honey and camphor, minerals and lemon, very complex, exceptional development in the glass. Bone dry, ok acidity, not quite enough body, slightly bitter finish, more of a curiosity than really good, promises a lot on the nose, but can't keep up. 82

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