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Château Climens

Barsac 1 Grand Cru Classé

2017 Not made this year.

2016 Château Climens
APR 17 No final blend yet, four samples from the different parts of the vineyard, all showing good concentration and balance together with freshness. This should become one of the more concentrated wines in the vintage from these samples, and one of the stars. But with no final blend we do not know. Depending on the final blend, anywhere from 93-97

2014 Château Climens
MAY 19 Pale golden. Apricots, pineapples, peach, pears, nuanced nose. Fresh acidity, fruit driven, elegant, lively and creamy, detailed, juicy, elegant texture, pure and bright, long. 94

2011 Château Climens
APR 14 Pale golden. Pineapples, pure, delicate, nuanced and refreshing nose, complex and refined, fresh acidity, elegant, fresh, lively, playful, detailed, nuanced, superb balance, very long. 96

2011 Cyprés de Climens
SEP 15 Pale golden. Apples, peach, apricots nose. Fresh acidity, lighter yet elegant, fresh and fruity, lovely acidity, good length. 89

2009 Château Climens
NOV 13 Golden. Apricots, vanilla, pineapples, fruity and intense nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, intense, creamy texture, after lovely palate it feels just a bit short for this vintage. 93

2008 Château Climens
SEP 15 Golden. Fruity, apricots, vanilla, pineapples, light spicy note nose, intense. Fresh acidity, fruity, playful, rich and intense, layered, long. 93

2008 Château Climens
JUN 15 Pale golden. Fruity, apples, minerals, detailed, intense nose, layered. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, fresh and lively, rich, ripe and long. 93

2008 Château Climens
NOV 12 Pale golden. Apricots, pineapples and vanilla. Fresh acidity, elegant and smooth, a bit short. 91

2007 Château Climens
APR 18 Deep golden. Rich, intense, deep, layered, exotic fruity, spices, nuanced nose, seductive. Fresh acidity, rich, unctuous, deep, liquorice notes, apricots, pineapples, layered, nuanced and creamy, long. 96

2007 Château Climens
JAN 13 Golden. Apricot, some minerals and honey. Verging on fresh acidity, I've never been a fan of these 100% Semillon or close to it Sauternes or Barsac's, they lacks the freshness that make some of them so thrilling. Long and creamy finish. 94

2007 Château Climens
NOV 11 Golden, apricots, peach, vanilla, fresh and lively feel to it, elegant, has Climens increased its acidity lately?. Elegant, beautiful balance, long! 94

2007 Château Climens
NOV 11 Golden. Fresh, lively, gorgeous acidity and balance, long. 94

2006 Château Climens
JAN 16 Golden. Apricots, fruity, fresh, some floral notes, apricots, pineapples, fruity, light spices and vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, elegant fruit and texture, a fresh Climens, nuanced and charming, playful, long. 94

2006 Château Climens
JAN 13 Golden. Apricots, honey, butter, plums and vanilla. Freshish acidity, rich, honey, long finish. 92

2005 Château Climens
JAN 18 Golden. I've had this a few times with mixed TN's but this bottle was stunning. Rich, intense, fruity, nuanced, layered, pineapples and apricots, pure. Fresh acidity, lively and playful, detailed, intense and creamy, superb texture, long. 95

2005 Château Climens
JUL 17 Pale golden. Apricots, pineapples, bright and fruity nose, some spices. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, elegant and lively, playful and detailed, long. 94

2005 Château Climens
AUG 16 Pale golden. Rich nose, pineapples, peach, apricots, vanilla, touch of cinnamon, layered and detailed. Fresh acidity, ripe, rounded yet refreshing, pure and bright fruits, layered and long. Beautiful. 95

2005 Château Climens
JUN 16 Pale golden. Apricots and pineapples, bursting with fruit, some vanilla notes and scented notes behind. Fresh acidity, fruity, lively, refreshing and detailed, long. 95

2005 Château Climens
MAR 16 Golden. Honey, apricots, fruity, vanilla, rich, intense, layered, deep and concentrated, nuanced. Fresh acidity, playful, rich, intense, juicy, apricots, loads of pineapples, creamy, intense, slight touch of bitterness, long, very long.

2005 Château Climens
MAY 14 Golden. Apricots, pineapples, vanilla, botrytis and rich nose. Fresh acidity, lively, fuller bodied, rich, luscious, intense but a bit hollow finish. 93

2005 Château Climens
APR 14 Pale golden. Tropical, floral, apples, pineapples, rich, intense, lovely nose. Fresh acidity, lively, fresh, fruity, intense, layered, very long. 95

2005 Château Climens
AUG 13 (Demi) Second bottle in as many days. Quite more evolved feel than the bottle yesterday, more honey and a caramel touch. Fresh acidity, lively palate and a younger expression on the palate. Elegant, creamy and long. 93

2005 Château Climens
APR 11 Golden, pineapples, apricots and orange, good freshness and ripe, slightly oily texture, elegant style, but a bit short. 92

2005 Chateau Climens
NOV 09 Intense golden colour. Nose has intense aromas of botrytis, pineapple, peach and apricots. Also some canned tropical fruits. Sweet and luscious, full bodied, elegant acidity, some caramel and burned aromas in the back, long finish. 93

2004 Château Climens
JAN 16 Golden. Apricots, quite ripe, fruity, some grilled pineapples and cinnamon, slight vanilla note. Fresh acidity, vanilla, fruity, rounded, creamy, quite lively before a slight bitter note in the finish, long. 94

2004 Château Climens
SEP 15 Golden. Apricots, pineapples, some honey notes, pineapples, pure feel. Fresh acidity, fresh, elegant and nuanced, playful, quite linear, long. 94

2004 Château Climens
JUN 13 Golden. Touch of honey, apricots and botrytis on the nose. Pure and elegant. Fresh acidity, refreshing and elegant, nuanced. Lovely balance, long. 94

2002 Chateau Climens
DEC 09 Golden yellow, botrytis, fresh, almost like Inniskillin on the nose with this freshness. Exotic fruits, pineapples, peach and honey. Some cinnamon, great acidity, fresh all the way to a long finish. Keep. 93

2002 Chateau Climens;
NOV 09 Golden colour, beautiful nose, some botrytis, exotic, apricots, pineapple and peach. Fresh and elegant. Some hints of cinnamon. Great acidity that clears the sugar away, complex and full bodied. Needs time, very good aftertaste. Have noticed some bottle variations.....92

2002 Château Climens
DEC 05 Golden. Apricots, spices, pineapples and vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, pineapples, playful, pure and nuanced, long. 93

2002 Château Climens
OCT 05 Golden. Exotic fruits, spices, pineapples, detailed, very pure fruity nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, spices, detailed, lovely freshness, long and playful. 93

2002 Château Climens
OCT 05 Pale golden. Lovely botrytized nose, cinnamon fresh and elegant, exotic. Fresh acidity, fruity, playful, sweet with some cinnamon, elegant texture. Long. 93

2002 Château Climens
JUN 05 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity, some spices, rich nose. Medium acidity, fruity, ripe, lacks some lift like last bottle, long. 90

2001 Chateau Climens
MAR 10 Bright golden, absolutely fabulous! Complex, seductive, apricots, botrytis, such elegance, gorgeous structure, bready, or maybe more of biscuits, incredibly youthful, all of this, but the acidity? Well it kind of does the job, because it's never sticky, not even close. But it isn't fresh and lively either, and that is where it loses its marks for me, but still. 95

2001 Château Climens
APR 09 Golden. Apricots, spices, complex, rich, intense nose, scented and layered. Fresh acidity, mouthwatering, rich and rounded, intense, apricots and pineapples, some spices, long finish, juicy. 95

1998 Château Climens
JUN 05 Golden. Intense, apricots, fruity, ripe, rich nose. Light floral notes behind. Fresh acidity, fruity, dense, some bitter notes, long. 93

1990 Château Climens
NOV 14 Pale amber. Rich, caramel, fruity, ripe, vanilla, burnt sugar, crème brulée nose. Fresh acidity, rich attack, ripe, intense, deep, fruity, layered, apricots and pineapples finish, long. 94

1990 Château Climens
MAR 11 Golden, honey, citrus, botrytis, fresh, some lime and flowers. Elegant body and texture, fresh acidity but not that great aftertaste, seems almost flabby. I find Climens lack acidity too often. 89

1989 Château Climens
MAY 17 Golden. Apricots, pineapples, fruity, vanilla, quite bright and refreshing nose, nuanced. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, pineapples, peach and apricots, faint bitter peach stone note, lively and detailed, long. Almost a vibrant note to it. 95

1988 Château Climens
AUG 15 Golden. Elegant, apricots, lighter almost minerals on the nose, note of a floral black tea towards Marriage Frere Thé au Tibet and some vanilla. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, fresh, intense, lively, detailed, nuanced, lovely balance, long. 95

1988 Chateau Climens
MAR 10 Golden, botrytis, apricots, peach, pineapples and slightly herbal. Fresh acidity, then falls away, clean fruit, elegant but a bit boring, where is the acidity? Still 87

1988 Château Climens
MAY 06 Golden. Apricots, peach, touch of caramel, some spices nose, not too open. Fresh acidity, elegant, playful yet rounded, some raisins and apricots, touch of caramel. Could be livelier for me but perfect after the 1966 Mouton and a long study day for WSET Diploma. So much to read... 92

1986 Château Climens
JUN 13 Golden. Rich nose, caramel, crème brulée, butter scotch and vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, fruitier palate, still a burnt caramel note, fruity, rich, long finish. 94

1975 Château Climens
SEP 15 Golden with amber hue. Grilled pineapples, cinnamon, some crème brulée, detailed nose, mature yet vigorous. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, playful, some caramel, apricots and some raisins, long, beautiful balance. 96

1970 Château Climens
MAR 11 Golden, towards amber. Camphor, butter fudge, caramel, honey, heavy nose. Fresh acidity, surprisingly lean body compared to the nose, good if not great, OK length. 83

1964 Château Climens
MAY 13 Golden with amber hue. Raisins, dried apricots, some caramel and orange marmalade. Fresh acidity, leaner, smooth and elegant, lacks some complexity, detailed, good length. 89

1964 Chateau Climens
OCT 09 Gold with orange tones, hints of botrytis and some minerals and some herbal notes. Medium body and sweetness, quite elegant, fresh acidity, a little bit short finish. Gains complexity with air, gets more honey and citrus with pineapple, and quite a long length. This wine was discussed and disagreed upon by the tasters, some did not approve, for me it was a 88

1952 Château Climens
MAR 11 Top shoulder fill. Amber, pure honey, some polish and wax, very mature and not that complex nose. Quite fresh acidity, not that sweet any more, gives more on the palate, getting more complex with air, very long finish. 90

1942 Chateau Climens
JAN 08 Golden colour, canned mushrooms, not too pleasant. 65

1934 Chateau Climens
AUG 11 Deep golden, orange hue. Caramel, rich, nutty, earthy nose, some raisins. Fresh acidity, somewhat drying palate and light bitter and burnt note, bit short. 87

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