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Château Filhot

Sauternes 2 Grand Cru Classé

2018 Château Filhot
MAR 19 Golden. Light tropical nose and palate, refreshing but has a mushroom note making it feel unclean. 85-87

2017 Château Filhot
APR 18 Pale golden. Light fruity, pears nose, easy going. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lighter, playful, good length. 87-89

2016 Château Filhot
APR 17 Golden. Fruity, apples, peach nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lighter. 87-89

2015 Château Filhot
APR 16 Golden. Apples, peach, pears and apricots nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, sugary, sweet, has freshness but lacks complexity. 88-90

2014 Château Filhot
APR 15 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity nose, pineapples. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, fresh but short. 85-87

2013 Château Filhot
APR 14 Pale golden. Apples, pears, botrytis, light nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lively, bit short. 87-89

2012 Château Filhot
SEP 15 Pale golden. Light apricots and peach note nose, some pineapples and vanilla. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lively, quite elegant, some pineapples, quite lively acidity, long. 92

2011 Château Filhot
SEP 15 Pale golden. Fruity nose, apricots, pineapples, some peach, light vanilla nose, somewhat shut. Fresh acidity, fruity, sweet, some apples and sugary, like a bread with butter, apples and sugar on it. Long. 91

2010 Château Filhot
MAY 14 Pale golden. Some floral notes, apricots, light tropical note nose. Fresh acidity, lively, leaner, apricots, fresh palate, bit short. 87

2010 Château Filhot
JUN 13 Pale golden. Apples, fruity and elegant nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, lively and elegant palate, long. 91

2010 Château Filhot
JUN 11 Golden, feels simple besides some, but fresh, elegant and lively, if a bit simple. 87-88

2009 Château Filhot
SEP 15 Pale golden. Apples, some pineapples, fruity, fresh and bright nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, sweet, rounded, leaner, apricots and pineapples, sugary finish, long. 91

2009 Château Filhot
NOV 13 Golden. Apples, botrytis, pineapples, leaner nose. Fresh acidity, lively, refreshing if leaner, pure and playful, a lovely Filhot.

2005 Château Filhot
Golden. Apricots, pineapples and vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, rounded texture, leaner, good length. 89

2005 Château Filhot
JUN 15 Pale golden. Fresh apricots, fruity driven nose, pineapples, somewhat delicate. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, fresh and elegant, nuanced, playful. 90

1998 Chateau Filhot
DEC 09 Pale gold, light nose of canned fruits, peach, tropical fruits juice. Quite soft attack, acidity works elegantly, pleasant fruit intensity, not the most complex, a bit short length, fresh and summery.

1997 Château Filhot
APR 17 Golden. Apricots, fruity, youthful nose. Fresh acidity, fresh and fruity if lean, lacks some concentration, elegant. 87

1990 Château Filhot
SEP 11 Golden, floral, apricots, quite intense and more youthful than expected. A bit edgy and raw, seems typical of the house, slightly bitter finish. 88

1990 Château Filhot
MAY 09 Golden. Apricots, spices, vanilla, fruity nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, pineapples, not that intense, good length. 89

1976 Château Filhot
APR 16 Directly from the estates cellar. Pale amber. Apricots, pineapples and caramel nose, not that intense. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, creamy, some dried fruits and pineapples, long. 90

1976 Château Filhot
AUG 12 Deep golden, amber hue. Nuts, caramel, floral and sweet vanilla. Slightly oxidized. Fresh acidity, lively, but shorter and not as fresh as a bottle last week.
Leanish and good length. 85

1976 Château Filhot
AUG 12 Amber gold. Dried apricots, sultanas, beeswax and rose hips. Fresh acidity, fairly lean body, elegant but probably not to everyone’s palate. Gaining somewhat with air, getting drier. Fine length. 88

1971 Chateau Filhot
DEC 09 Deep golden, just some apricots and honey, simple and sweet. 77

1967 Chateau Filhot
DEC 09 Deep Golden, orange hints, not to complex, some honey and apricots again, what really holds this bottle is the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness. 89

1937 Château Filhot
APR 08 Deep amber. Caramel nose and palate, bitter, burnt caramel, coffee, molasses, low shoulder fill. Not my cup of tea. 86

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