fredag 30. juni 2017

Château Petit Bocq


2016 Château Petit Bocq
APR 17 Ruby. Anise, blueberries, vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruity, dark berries, vanilla and spices, structured. 87-89

2015 Château Petit Bocq
APR 16 Ruby. Scented, red berries, fresh nose. Touch of minerals. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fresh, fruity, somewhat structured. 86-88

2013 Château Petit Bocq
APR 14 Ruby. Lean nose, roses, red berries and vanilla.
Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lean, oaky, prunes, short. 83-85

2012 Château Petit Bocq
APR 13 Deep ruby. Alcoholic and vanilla nose, and palate is not any better. 78-80

2002 Château Petit Bocq
MAR 12 Ruby, brick rim. Figs, blueberries and scented notes nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, leaner fruit and body, bit edgy. 85

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