onsdag 28. juni 2017

Château Laniote

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

1996 Château Laniote
JUN 17 Ruby, garnet rim. Earthy, dry, leaner, figs and prunes, same for palate. 84

1986 Château Laniote
JUN 17 Brick with ruby core. Leaner, scented, earthy and minty nose, a few figs holding on. Fresh acidity, few tannins, leaner, figs, dates, quite elegant texture, drink now. 86

1980 Château Laniote
DEC 12 Brick. Lean, earthy, slight raspberry nerve to it but gone too far. 83

1979 Château Laniote
APR 12 Brick. Some dried fruits, earthy, mint and a touch of chocolate nose. Fresh acidity, some tannins, leaner body, red fruity, figs and autumn leaves. Bit lean. 86

1972 Château Laniote
OCT 10 Dead.

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