tirsdag 8. mars 2016

Château Lamothe

Sauternes 2 Grand Cru Classé

Château Lamothe
APR 14 Pale golden. Easy going and fruity nose. Fresh acidity, lively, refreshing if leaner, fairly detailed, good length.

2010 Château Lamothe
MAY 15 Pale golden. Apples, light nose, some tropical fruits notes. Fresh acidity, fruity, fresh, lively, bit easy going, some crème brulée notes in the finish. 86

2009 Château Lamothe
JUN 15 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity, tutu frutti nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, leaner, fresh, easy going. 87

2009 Château Lamothe
MAY 15 Pale golden. Apricots, leaner nose, almost tender, fruity. Fresh acidity, fruity, playful, lively, rounded, refreshing, not the most complex, quite fresh. 88

1997 Château Lamothe
SEP 09 Pale golden. Soma dried fruits, caramel and crème brulée. Fresh but easy going. 86

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