tirsdag 8. mars 2016

Château Lamothe-Guignard

Sauternes 2 Grand Cru Classé

2018 Château Lamothe Guignard
MAR 19 Pale golden. Light tropical fruity nose and palate, refreshing if lean. Lacks complexity. 85-87

2017 Château Lamothe Guignard
APR 18 Pale lemon yellow. Light peach and pineapples nose. Fresh acidity, playful, fruity, bright elegant if lighter, a lovely Lamothe Guignard. 87-89

2016 Château Lamothe Guignard
APR 17 Golden. Mushrooms, some peach nose, light. Fresh acidity, fruity, light, lean. 85-87

2015 Château Lamothe Guignard
APR 16 Pale golden. Pineapples, fruity, peach and apricots, leaner nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, ripe, pineapples and peach, long. 90-92

2014 Château Lamothe-Guignard
APR 15 Golden. Apricots, fruity nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity and easy going. 84-86

2010 Château Lamothe Guignard
JUN 13 Pale golden. Pure apricots nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rich, touch of caramel, good length. 86

2007 Château Lamothe-Guignard
NOV 11 Very fresh, elegant and lively, not too concentrated. 89
2004 Château Lamothe-Guignard
FEB 10 Light, fruity, fresh, some tropical fruits. 87

1998 Château Lamothe-Guignard
NOV 09 Apricots, light caramel note, fruity, rounded, plain. Good length. 87

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