lørdag 6. august 2016

Château Rabaud Promis

Sauternes 1er Grand Cru Classé

2018 Château Rabaud-Promis
MAR 19 Golden. Apricots and pineapples nose, pure. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lively, elegant, refreshing, apricots and pineapples, some vanilla, long. 91-93

2017 Château Rabaud-Promis
APR 18 Pale golden. Fruity, apples, peach, apricots, fairly intense nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, apples, lively, long. 89-91

2016 Château Rabaud-Promis
APR 17 Golden. Apricots, fruity, intense nose, vanilla. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, detailed and elegant, long. 91-93

2015 Château Rabaud Promis
APR 16 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity and fresh nose, vanilla. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, lively, elegant, smooth, lemon zest note, long. 89-91

2014 Château Rabaud-Promis
APR 15 Golden. Apricots, fruity, vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, lively, detailed, playful, some citrus kicking inn, pineapples finish, long.

2012 Château Rabaud Promis
APR 13 Pale golden. Pineapples and apricots nose. Fresh acidity, creamy texture, elegant, good length. 88-90

2010 Château Rabaud-Promis
JUN 13 Pale golden. Fruity and scented nose, elegant. Fresh acidity, elegant texture, refreshing and lovely texture, long. 92

2009 Château Rabaud-Promis
APR 10 Lemon yellow, apricots, peach, vanilla. Fatter mouthfeel and Beerenauslese acidity, extremely fresh, beautiful balance, complex, intense, very vital, gorgeous length. 93-95

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