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Château Caillou

Barsac 2 Grand Cru Classé

2014 Château Caillou
JUN 17 Pale golden. Fresh, fruity pineapples nose, candied pears. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, anise and pineapples, long if leaner. 90

2013 Les Tourelles de Caillou
SEP 15 Pale lemon yellow. Light fruity nose, lean. Fresh acidity, light, fruity, fresh, has not been in wood. 84

2012 Château Caillou
APR 13 Pale golden. Fruity nose, some tropical notes. Fresh acidity, creamy texture, elegant and easygoing. 84-86

2011 Château Caillou
JUN 15 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity, rounded, some vanilla on the nose. Fresh acidity, lively, fresh, rounded, playful and detailed, long. 90

2010 Château Caillou
SEP 15 Pale golden. Some apricots, fruity nose, some vanilla, pears fresh acidity, fresh and fruity, rounded, quite creamy, fairly intense, some spicy notes, long finish. Could be more complex. 90

2010 Château Caillou
JUN 15 Pale golden. Fruity, apples, some peach and pineapples nose. Fresh acidity, lively, fresh, fruity, creamy, good length. 89

2010 Château Caillou
AUG 13 Pale golden. Apples, apricots and wax on the nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, lively and elegant, long. 89

2010 Château Caillou
JUN 11 Golden, sweet feel, somewhat tropical, but on the slightly artificial side, and too simple. 81-83

2010 Les Erables de Caillou
SEP 15 Towards lemon yellow. Some mushrooms, apricots, fruity, pineapples nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, fresh, little bit easy going, good length. 86

2009 Château Caillou
SEP 15 Pale golden. Some apricots and pineapples, some vanilla, light spicy note nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded, quite intense and fresh, juicy even if it's not the most concentrated, long. 91

2009 La Cuvée de Centenaire de Château Caillou
SEP 15 2400 bottles made. Golden. Apricots, pineapples, fruit driven nose with some vanilla and spices behind. Fresh acidity, fruity, fresh, apricots, mango and spices towards cinnamon, quite elegant and detailed, long. 93

2008 Château Caillou
JUN 15 Pale golden. Apricots, fruity, apples, pineapples, some vanilla and cinnamon nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, lively, fresh, rounded, quite elegant, lovely freshness, bit bitter finish, good length. 89

2004 Château Caillou
JUN 17 Golden. Fruity, vanilla, lilies and apricots nose. Fresh acidity, fresh, fruity, leaner body but elegant. 89

2001 Château Caillou
JUL 11 Golden, quite big nose, good acidity, and quite fresh, but bitter and short finish. In a vintage like that, this is not impressive.....still 85

2001 Château Caillou
JUL 08 Golden. Apricots, vanilla and honey nose. Fresh acidity, fruity, rounded and rich, not too complex, long. 90

1959 Château Caillou Crème de Tête
OCT 13 Amber. Dried fruits, caramel, some raisins and fruit cake nose. Fresh acidity, Christmas spices, bitter caramel or rather burnt caramel, raisins, quite oxidative, long. 90

1947 Château Caillou Crème de Tête
MAY 16 Pale amber, green tint. Vanilla, dried apricots, some peach notes nose. Freshish acidity, fruity first before a bit bitter finish, somewhat hollow, sugary.
Caramel. With more air apple cake, crumble. 89

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